The Wrong Turn





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Hi there! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty awesome. I went to Silverwood lake for the weekend with my boyfriend, best friend, and her man. Who happens to be my boyfriend’s best friend so it kind of works out. I find that the four of us spend a lot of time together and there’s never a dull moment with us. We stayed at a house in the middle of nowhere. It was pretty scary at first. I started to feel like I was in a movie with a bad ending, “The Wrong Turn”. Just because all the scary movies start off with people staying at a house in the middle of nowhere haha. The first activity we jumped on was riding on the four wheelers. The house we stayed at had a huge yard so we took advantage of that and went hard on the four wheelers. We ended up having a really nice barbecue that night. My boyfriend through down on the grill. He grilled me a salmon fillet because I am a pescetarian. However, I can admit to the fact that the meat looked so tempting. Just to clarify, I am a pescetarian because I am looking after my health. Not for any other reason. So yes, I tend to have a cheat day where I eat meat like every 3 month or so. Anyways, so we ended the night with some great laughs and games! Me and and my girl, Alex, are a beast at Jenga! Challenge us if you want…but prepare yourself! You’ve been warned!

The following day (Sunday), we headed out to the lake and brought jet skis and a two seater tube with us! I haven’t went tubing since I was a kid. I seriously had the best time. There was a mixture of hardcore laughing and pain while on the tubes. The pain would be from the water splashing on our face so hard it would feel like glass to our cheeks, as well as the intense jerks that would take place from the jet ski pulling us. Which caused me to be extremely sore now, but it was definitely an worth every inch of pain and I can’t wait to go back to do it again!

We left Silverwood lake Sunday afternoon and headed back to LA to get ready and then head to the Orange County fair. I know I know… how in the hell did we have energy to go to the fair after a long day of jet skiing?! I have no idea, but we did it and had a blast. My boyfriend won me a huge rasta monkey from playing basketball, I named him Marley. He’s pretty awesome and more than half the size of me! The best part of the fair had to be eating all the fattening, overpriced food! C’mon…who doesn’t like fair food?!

That pretty much sums up my long exciting weekend. This post was shot in the backyard of the house we were staying at. Such a beautiful view right? I have a few pictures I took from the weekend, let me know if you guys would like to see them in my next post. I would love to create a weekend diary post, so just let me know :) I hope you dolls had an exciting weekend as well!




Crop Top: Reformation

Leather Skirt: Reformation

Sandals: Zara

Clutch: House of Harlow 



Teal The End Of Time



Yay! Officially my second post! I am trying to get the hang of this blogging thing. As you guys may know, I have mainly been focusing on my youtube channel for the past year or so. I ended up giving my blog a break but now I am back in business and ready to post a lot more for you guys!

Today has been a pretty busy day for me. I was editing my new video all day and now I am writing this post for you dolls before I head out to the gym (long overdue). Don’t you hate when you have been on a nice scheduled gym routine and then one weekend you leave town and it just messes your whole routine up!? Ugh. I’m guilty of that all the time.

Anyways, who’s excited for the weekend!? I AM. I will be going to Silverwood lake this weekend and finally get to go jet skiing. Haven’t been all year so I am really excited for that. Hopefully, I get a few outfit posts in for you guys while I’m out there. Oh, and Sunday I will be at the OC fair. Can’t wait to get a fried Oreo. Don’t judge me. Haha

Hope you guys are having a great day! Xo,

Dress: Opening Ceremony

Boots: Modern Vice

Bag: Celine’

Hat: H&M

Sunglasses: Ray Ban Aviators